Experience all of the area’s amazing artwork, created by
a variety of Minnesota’s most talented artists.

Uptown Experience

Designed in award winning artist Shane Anderson’s unique style, Uptown Inspired is colorful, lively, detailed and most of all fun. Shane Blends characters, landmarks, and destinations to tell a story through this Uptown inspired mural.

By Shane Anderson (2014)

What’s Up Town?

Community bulletin board created by mosaic artist and imaginative upcycler, Stacia Goodman. Ceramic tile, cork, salvaged mirror, bike reflectors, bottle caps, store letters and one goofy pin. Can you find it

By Stacia Goodman (2015)


Inspired by the Ágitagueda art festival, where hundreds of umbrellas are hung over promenades in the streets of Águeda, a municipality in Portugal.

By Shea, Inc. (2014)

Uptown Borealis

Uptown Borealis is composed of 600 hand blown glass globes encrusted with 500 pounds of crushed iridized glass chips. Each globe contains 10 full-color micro-LEDs. Each of the 6,000 LEDs contain a unique address and are run by a single computer program to create a wide array of visual moving effects. With appreciation to the entire Dangerous Lighting team for their tireless efforts in bringing this one-of-a-kind LED/ glass installation to life; Dan Mather – Kao Thao – Jim Hunkins – Peter Vanni – Patrick McLain – Kim Buell – Emily Hooper – Dave Horn.

By Dan Mather, Goldenflow Studios (2015)

Benching Uptown

By The Ackerberg Group & The Bainey Group, Inc.(2015)

Calhoun Melody

This one of a kind mural is created by stitching together fragments from three different Hushcha paintings.

By Leon Huscha (2014)

Another Action Packed Saga

Mixed media art installation utilizing silkscreen ink, acrylic paint, and enamel inspired by the vibrant energy of Uptown.

By Greg Gossel (2015)

Dream Big

Created by award winning artist Shane Anderson. Dream Big evokes inspiration, motivation and encourages you to reach for the stars.

By Shane Anderson (2015)